Preparing for Attunement

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear Students on the Path,

There are many of you that have reached the boundary of your present degree of Circle Attainment and attunement with your Thought Adjusters (TA), for there are many exponential "sub-steps" within each Psychic Circle that may be scaled as you approach the final attunement of fusion with the TA. Even those that have attained the First Circle may be ready to scale these higher sub-steps as they engage in the sacred service of manifesting the Universal Father's Will for Urantia. As each degree of attunement is scaled, so too does the attraction of spiritual gravity increase pulling you inward with a renewed yearning for a more unified integration with your TA-your true soulmate.

It is this yearning for a deeper level of integration with the Creator that matures the personality and re-prioritizes the structure of your present life. Some of you may sense this plateau as you reach the boundary of each sub-step-you begin to ask the question, "What's next for me?" At this point of inquiry, your TA and guidance team awaits with "bated breath" for you to enter into prayer and to ask for the next level of attunement. Prior to the commencement of this unfolding destiny, it is for you to examine all that you are and to recognize and release any negative or fear-based emotions, fantasies, or phobias that block the TA from unifying your mind with Christ Consciousness.

Let there be a "discovery period" where you "stop the train" of your busy life and ask your TA and guidance team to prepare you for this sub-step in attunement-to bring to light those things that cause apprehension or fear of the unknown. Realize that with each sub-step of attunement, you become more god-like and with god-likeness comes the authority over those things that attempt to bind you be they real or imagined. When you walk with the valiant TA at your side, there is nothing that has any real power over you-you shine light in the dark places and the illusions vanish before you!

You might approach your TA and guidance team with a prayer something like this:

"Father, my Beloved Indwelling, my guidance team, please prepare me for the next level of attunement and bring before me those things that may prevent me from receiving the light and power of the Christ."

"For it is my desire, my intention, and my love for the shared adventure of eternity with You, my Beloved Indwelling, to promote me as you see fit for the highest good of my soul and for the accomplishment of executing the Universal Father's Will in this world."

"I acknowledge that standing still, chained by the fears of my own making, only delays the inevitable next step in god-likeness." "I now release these fears and fantasies to you that you may shine a light on them and vanish them-filling the void with the courage that comes with my unwavering faith."

"I now ask that you begin the next phase of my training and empowerment as a co-creator." "I allow you, my Beloved Indwelling, to express creation through me-your beloved soul-mate."

May the Father's Light shine upon you, my dear students.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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