Prepare yourselves now for your Next Life

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, dear students on the path, we would like for you to examine “who you are” and “who you are expected to be.” The differences can be great or small depending on where you are in your life journey; your level of self-mastery; and at what level family, society, and media have influence over your thoughts and behavior. There are questions you can ask yourself that may help you sort out the truth of who you really are, yet you must be willing to let go of all preconceptions—a difficult thing for many to consider.

Your world is very polarize politically which speaks volumes about the quality of information (disinformation) that is coming into your minds. It is this “controlled” world view that influences nearly every aspect of your lives—what you believe to be true—what is fair and just—what is beneficial to yourself and family—what other should believe? How do you measure your self-worth in relationship to your world view? In some cultures on your world, if you are a woman, seeing yourself as equal to a man is a crime of conscience. How then can you feel good about yourself when your culture and society tell you that you have little worth? Is this who you are? When religious leaders paint their world view onto the minds of their followers and say, “This is God’s Will,” do you question it or do you accept it as it is? What about politics? Do you make decisions based on media “sound-bites” or do you investigate and consider both sides of an issue? Are your opinions your own, or do they echo the “group-think” of a politically polarized viewpoint?

My dear friends, the life you have on your world was given by the Creator to prepare you for life in the hereafter—the next progressive phase of your ascension. What do you imagine life will be like on the Mansion worlds? Do you expect that there will be inequality; lack of opportunity; rich and poor; racism, religious dominance; or be forced or misled to accept the beliefs of others? You’ll find none of this on the Mansion worlds and many of you shall have a difficult time adjusting to a life where you must think for yourself and make decisions based on the truth coming in from the light of the Inner Spirit. If therefore you have never listened to this Inner Spirit in your earthly lives, how then do you think you shall recognize it when you leave this world?

Shedding the flesh brings you no closer to perfection, for perfection attainment is experiential—decision by decision shall you bring your mind into alignment with God’s Will. The main difference you shall find on the Mansion Worlds is that you shall, for the first time, be given information that is relatively true from your guides and teachers. I use the term “relatively” because you can only be given information that you can understand at any given moment as you progress and rid yourself of the error ingested and believed in your life on earth. Mansonia Number One primarily functions as a detainment sphere to purge your mind from erroneous thinking so that you can begin to use it in concert with your Indwelling Spirit.

Those of you who are now discovering the subtle voice of your Thought Adjusters—hearing from the heart-space, are learning to think for yourselves. Your decisions in life reflect the unity of universal consciousness—the love, compassion, and mercy of the Spirit. You are learning to recognize the false teachers, the group-think, and the hearsay of those with hidden agendas. Your desire for attunement with your God Fragment and service to your fellows is greater than your desire for earthly rewards. Those who are participating in the Great Plan shall spend little time on Mansonia Number One and shall progress to the higher worlds using the wealth of experiences gleaned by the wisdom of co-creative decisions. Prepare yourselves now for your next life, my dear students, and examine who you really are.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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