Only From the Center can you see All Things

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about getting grounded and bringing yourself back to a root state of spiritual surety. For many of you students on the path read widely and from many sources—some of these sources are wise, deep, and expand your mind helping you to fill in the gaps in your understanding, while others may be very contaminated, contain fearful messages, or confuse and contradict what you already understand. When you find yourself at a crossroads where you are confused and do not know what to believe because of these conflicting and sometimes fearful cross-pollenated beliefs or channelings, it is time for you to ground yourself and come back to center. Only from the center can you see all things in perspective and allow the One Truth to help you sort out and discern what is real and what is fantasy.

Each of you is an expression of the Creator’s new and unique idea on the time-space worlds where you live. Each of you has, to some degree, greater or lesser contact with your Indwelling Spirit, the angelic realm, mansion world teachers, and other celestial sources. There also exist those layers around your planet that contain the lower vibrating entities, unresolved energies, and pathways to dark energy—the spirits of rebellion. Each of these sources can be tapped willingly or unwillingly depending on the intention or the naivety of the seeker. These lower spirits can and do masquerade as sources of truth and light and can cause great confusion for those who are “undiscerning.” Even light workers of great understanding can be harassed by high-ranking rebellious spirits and must be diligent to guard against these ungodlike interferences.

When you feel confused or tormented by sources of information or spiritual influences, you can always “clean out your closet” and begin again at the source. Seek the advice and guidance of your Heavenly Father. Sit in the silence with very clear intention and speak only to Him. Ask that any and all deceiving information or sources be taken from you and then stop all seeking for a period of time and replace your research time with stillness. Just as your planet was cut off from all universe circuits during the Lucifer Rebellion to prevent it from spreading to other worlds in the system, so too must you cut off the circuits of those sources that confuse and bring fear to your mind. Your Indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjuster, is the Master Operator and whose job it is to spiritualize your mind according to the Great Plan for perfection attainment and god-like development. Let the Spirit within speak, and in time, those things that are helpful to know and understand will remain, while those things of confusion and fear will fall away.

Sometimes we are led astray by our impatience to know the mind of God by taking the short-cut in seeking out answers from other sources who we believe have a greater connection than do ourselves. Sometimes this can be helpful, and other times it can be harmful depending on the amount of contamination within the source. Discernment is what is needed and that process should always involve the One True Source—the Indwelling Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of Truth. The Creator has a developmental plan for your life and when you come back to center, you can begin again to listen as the options for your development are whispered in the stillness of your divine connection.

Come home to center, dear ones, and let the Father show you the true, the beautiful, and the good path.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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