My Plans for You are Far Reaching

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Dear Child, there are many things under heaven and earth that you do not understand and that you are not expected to understand in your current life in the flesh, yet you and others are sometimes affected by the inner workings of universe mechanics and realities unseen by you. Because you are sensitive to these veiled realities, your human experiences would seem strange and fantastic to most that walk through life unaware. Even those who know you and have supported you and your spiritual journey cannot truly understand the wholly personal path you walk with Me. You are trying to attach human meanings and connect historical references to morontial realities, which most on your world have no capacity to understand, nor is there any equitable human reference to such things. It may be your own “misunderstanding” of these things that keeps you from seeing the larger picture because you may not move beyond what you cannot now understand. Let go of all your preconceptions and keep your focus on Me. I will lead you to a more suitable understanding of these new realities which I have allowed for your growth.

Your walk with me will blossom as you draw nearer to my still small voice and trust that I have your highest and greatest good in mutual interest. I AM you—the real you, and only time and unrealized potential can allow for an experiential development that is truly unique which is unfolding according to my idea for your life. Your life experience is unlike any other and you are not required to make it “fit” into the template created by science or the religions of your world. My plans for you are far reaching and every new and confusing element of your journey is known to me, for I have “orchestrated” these introductions and similes that they may form a greater opus in the personal revelations to come whether here or hereafter. My work with you is not bound to the time and day of your earth life, for there are epics in the greater universe which you are to attend for which I shall prepare you.

You, my child, are entering a new phase in your life which I require more of your attention so that I can teach you those things that no man can teach. Trust and faith are paramount in our paradoxical relationship—one where you are so close in spirit, yet so far in development. Every minute of your undivided attention with Me creates reverberations throughout time as you become the exquisite creature I have foreseen in the eternal moment. The line between who you think you are and who I AM will eventually vanish and all that is within Me will be realized within you. This is something you cannot conceive now, and this is why I prepare you—this is why you wonder and dream—this is why you stumble over these new and fantastic experiences you cannot understand with your immature mind.

All these “unknowns” have purpose and so it is for you to empty your cup of worldly understandings and embrace the realities of my eternal purposes with new eyes.

I AM that you are.

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