Let Us Begin Again

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Let us, again, speak about the topic of meditation and its vital role in continued spiritual growth and healthy mind balance. On this world, especially, where there are so many distractions and others competing for your attention, you can easily find yourself living in a continuous state of doing rather than being. It is important that you honor and nurture your “beingness” by setting aside time to connect to your Higher Self and suspend the busy world around you. You students on the path that have at one time or another made a practice of meditation know how important this is to your whole mental, physical, and spiritual natures. For it is the peace that surpasses all understanding. If you have “fallen off the wagon,” so to speak, it is time to, once again, climb aboard the peace train and get back in “atunement” with the Spirit of Peace and Understanding—the Inner Pilot.

There are many reading this message today who feel they have lost a part of themselves they once knew and fear they are far too out of touch with spirit to come back into this sacred space of peace and understanding. I tell you there can be nothing farther from the truth, for each is indwelled with a fragment of the Creator that absolutely loves and adores even one moment out of your day that you think about your connection to all there is. The more moments you find to be in this space, the greater does your inner life expand. It is in this expansion that you see more clearly the path ahead. It allows you to step outside of the busyness of the material world and immerse your soul consciousness in the Sacred Relationship. There is healing here, there is unconditional love here, and there is peace beyond anything you can find in the illusions of your world.

Come into this place and let go of all your worries and concerns. This intimate time between you and your Creator is of no concern to anyone—come, the door is wide open for you to enter into the sanctuary of peace and understanding. No judgment will you find there—no guilt, no regret, only the higher love of the Divine. It matters not what you have done, or said, or who you have trespassed against, the arms of love, forgiveness, and mercy are open and waiting for you to sort it all out. Come children and lay down in the tall green pastures beside the still waters of life and look up into the heavens and dream the biggest of dreams and embrace the greatest love you will ever know. All things are possible under heaven and earth and when your thoughts in this space turn to faith, love, forgiveness, compassion, and understanding, you reflect the image of the Higher Self and the connection to the divine is realized.

You see, dear one, when you let go of the concerns for the day and let go of everything you think is important, you merge into the unity of Spirit where your consciousness is free to “be” one with all consciousness. Beyond this world, there is a river of life that flows in one direction—home where the Source of all life is. All things that resist and flail against the currents of time will eventually surrender to the unity of peace and understanding. This is what you do when you come into this space—you surrender to the unity of Peace and Understanding and become like it.

Join me in this clarion call to oneness and unity. Let us begin again.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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