Learning to Relinquish Control is a Process

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

It is always darkest just before dawn--before the light of a new day breaks above the horizon.  This is true for those times in your life when it seems that all hope is lost and you are stuck in a situation that would appear to be beyond repair or approach.  In times like this, it is best to put your faith in Father's Grace and trust that something far better is in the works that shall exceed your greatest expectations.   Letting go of your expectations allows the universe to go to work and bring the highest good to your life.  You may not understand the outcomes of the current situation, but in the bigger picture--in the equation of universe destiny, those things that you relinquish to the Father's Will begin forming the future--a future that not only includes you, but all others.  Father's Will always moves the future toward light--even in the hours before dawn--the darkest time.  

Faith and Trust are the two main ingredients that help you to relinquish your will to control a situation that includes the will of other people in your life.  You cannot control what others will do--only you can control what you do--your own energy and how you use it.   When you find that you have created a situation that you are unsure how to navigate and you cannot see a clear solution, relinquishing your control and giving it to the Father in Faith and Trust is always the wisest thing to do.  At this point, it is a time to sort out your thoughts, take a deep breath and look at things from a higher vantage point.  

Allow yourself to be guided in Light.  Let go of what you thought would work--clearly it did not and holding on to this approach does not let the universe work for you--it waits until you have had enough failed expectations to relinquish the control you thought you had.  Learning to relinquish control will allow more light into your life.  You will begin to recognize that when you let go, things move--things happen--things unfold in ways you could not see or imagine.  You are handing the situation over to a Higher Power-Father's Grace.  

One thing you must understand about letting go and letting Father's Grace guide you is that you are to work together with this guidance and use your energy--your thoughts, your words, your actions, and hold them up to the light.  If the light shines on something dark in your past, you are to look at it, acknowledge it,  and ask for mercy--to be shown a better way forward--to be included in a future that is moving toward light--that you are working with the light and not against it.  When you sincerely express thoughts that show you are willing to be a participant in your own progress and in the healing of your world, then and there does the universe step in and steer the ship.

Learning to relinquish control is a process that all humans are subject to in this very intense and short stay on Urantia--it is meant to quickly orient you to rely on your Father's Grace so that in the worlds of light, hereafter, you may continue to grow and contribute to the Great Plan.  It is a character builder that shows that you are responsible for the energy given you in your precious life--that you are willing to be guided and to participate in your own growth.  It is an admonition that you are a young soul and that you are not always right--that you welcome the wise guidance of Father's Grace to show you what it means to be a child of the Creator.

Even in your darkest hour, Father's Grace is working out the details for the greatest way forward.  You are still captain of your life, and Father will use whatever you allow (relinquish) to move you toward light and eternal life. The more guidance you accept, the more light will come into your life--and that, my dear students, is a universal constant.

In service always,

I AM Uteah

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