It Shall be the Tipping Point!

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Every one of you reading this message is a light worker if you so use your will and intention to be aligned with the Light and to ask the Universal Father to be an instrument of His will.  There are no prerequisites--all are being called to serve.  You do not need special abilities or acute awareness, for within you lives the Indwelling Presence of the Father--and that, my dear students, makes you more powerful than any dark power or principality in the universe.  Know that the moment you connect with this power through your thoughts, will, and intention, it brings you onto the Holy Ground of the Infinite.  You need not even to articulate a request--your faith alone to be the instrument of Father's Will is sufficient to open the storehouse of heaven.

Today, I deputize you as ambassadors of Christ Michael and as the storage vessels of Mother's Holy Spirit. It is with your willingness to be the instruments of Father's Will that you are empowered to serve as Christ Michael's trusted light workers. Herewith all that belong to the Trust, I ask each of you to invoke your right as Children of the Creator Father, and ambassadors of Christ Michael, to stand together in unity with your fellow light workers.  Call on your Indwelling Spirit to empower you to be a radiant sphere of light and love.  You are needed to be an influence of light and goodness on your planet.  The Spirit of the Father, that lives within each of you, stands ready to execute your intention.

This message today is not a philosophic analogy, but a request to be energetically activated to stand as an anchor of light on your world--to be energetically empowered as a light source that radiates outward in all directions.  Today, I ask you to invoke the following words aloud and to stand with the celestial hosts of heaven and be the instruments that shall change the energy of your world from darkness into light.  There is an opportunity herewith for every soul that desires to participate in the Great Plan, to redeem Urantia, to step up and take your place as children of the Trust.


"My Beloved Indwelling, in this moment, I ask that you empower me to become an energetic anchor of the Holy Spirit, that I may fulfill Father's Will to bring this world out of darkness and into light."

"I AM powerful when I use my free will and intention to awaken the Truth that Father's Spirit lives within me."  

"Knowing this, there is no darkness, dark power, or principality that can stand against this Holy Light."  

"Join me together with my siblings and connect our Spirits to form a powerful grid of Love and Light."

"I AM a vessel for the Holy Spirit-fill me now like a battery that is charging for service."

Invocation (Speak aloud with command and confidence):

"Father, light me up like a thousand suns!"   
"I command that darkness in all its forms be now consumed in the Light of the Holy Spirit!"
"Your Will be done, Father, for I AM the Instrument of Your Will."

Repeat this invocation many times and as often as you remember. Imagine a powerful sphere of light exploding and expanding outward from your heart center in all directions, like a new born star, radiating in all its glory.  This Great Light is the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit that vaporizes the energy and influence of darkness in all its forms. Together you and your Indwelling Spirit are the most power force of Light and Goodness there is on your world now.  When you stand in unity with your siblings invoking this powerful intention, you are purifying your world and preparing it for Light and Life.

This invocation pools together the Thought Adjuster Circuits--it shall be the tipping point!

Power and Glory to you, Father,

I AM Uteah

Receiver's note: Please do share this message with others, for I sense that there is something very real and powerful happening on our world at this time. Invoking this powerful intention allows the Father to work though each of you--and together we make up a powerful force that can take back our world.

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