It must come into Manifestation!

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

What you believe has much to do with who you are and what you have attracted in your life on earth. Your upbringing; your family values; your schooling; your career; your circle of friends; your world view according to the information you are given—all these things shape you, condition you, and form your beliefs. Much of your limitations in life are manifested by these subjective influences—your beliefs and the level of truth they contain, but what about your spiritual life? Should it not also shape and influence the person you are becoming and bring into your life the manifestation of spiritual powers and god-like attributes? Yes, it can, but at what level of desire do you value spiritual growth?

In the life of many people on your planet we see that it is mostly filled with business and the doing of things to maintain a “life style,” yet very little of your time is spent on deep thinking—expanding your mind with new ideas, or sharing the inner life with others who can grow with you. The level of desire for any given thing will bring that level of manifestation into your life. If you really examine your life and see where you are—the level of harmony or disharmony in your relationships, you may begin to notice how you have prioritized your desires and the level of attention you give each one.

If you are one to spend much of your waking hours thinking about all the problems you have and how hurt you are by others, you shall attract more and more of this into your life until it becomes “unbearable.” When something becomes “unbearable” it means that you can no longer endure the condition and you must find a way to “free” yourself of the condition. At this point, your level of desire has shifted to “wanting freedom.” Now, the laws of the universe go to work for you because you have prioritized your desire to be free of misery—you have changed your thinking and changed your vibration to match the desire. Sounds simple does it not?

What would happen if you shifted your desires to spiritual growth and made it the top priority in your life—what do you think would manifest? Could you be a healer; develop psychic abilities; become a receiver of spiritual messages—a philosopher—a teacher of truth? What if you freed yourself from the limitations that your friends, family, and societal/cultural world view conditioned you to believe? Could you not move mountains? Your imagination is the most powerful god-like power you possess. Think deeply, my friends, and bring your desires into being! The greatest discoveries in human history were manifested first by the imagination, then the desire. Stop desiring more of what you don’t want and expand your mind—think without limitation and focus on a desire and a purpose!

Life was intended to be lived in love, joy, truth, beauty, and goodness. It is there for the “thinking” and receiving. This is the Gift of Life—to bring new experiences into manifestation! You actually do control your own destiny—the only thing that prevents you from achieving anything is YOU! Focus, focus, focus! What is it that you really truly desire? How important is it to you? At what level of priority have you given it!

If a critical mass of people on your planet desired world peace, it would be so! If you were not all distracted by what you see in front of you (a distorted world view), a vibration so high and overwhelming would transform the entire planet—it would be so because the laws of the universe are sovereign—it must come into manifestation. The Universal Father is all powerful, and you, the children must also be, for you are indwelt by His Spirit!

This is my desire for you and for your world. Please use the Gift of Life and bring goodness into manifestation.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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