It is Time to Come to the Table

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today, Dear One, is about growth and balance. Now, more than any other time in your life, do you have need to focus on your connection to the I AM. You are passing through another “Destiny Point” which shall require greater attention to your inner life. The busyness of your outer life—your work, family, and home responsibilities compete for your attention more and more. This next phase of your spiritual development shall require much more meditation time than you have allowed for in the past. Not just quantity, but the quality of your meditation needs improvement—a greater effort to reach deeper into the intimate connection with the I AM in such a way as you have not previously experienced. This is a time of preparation that shall not be dismissed or put off for a more convenient season—there is a convergence.

Although this message to you, Dear One, is most personal, there are others reading this message that are also entering this same convergence and approaching their own Destiny Point. For each one it is most personal, and the inner life, should they take seriously this sign post, shall blossom into a new understanding of the I AM. This message is directed to those students on the path who are reading between the lines and having inner dialog with their own god fragments. Do you not feel this urge within to surrender and to allow the I AM to lead and guide like no other time in your life? Listen to the heart and let your feelings speak to the head.

Your busy schedule shall now include a new reoccurring appointment. Let others know that these appointments are important to you and ask that you do not be interrupted. Just as the fuel in your automobile runs low, you always make the effort to stop and refuel. Make this same commitment to your inner life and make it a priority to fill your soul with the Light of Life. Find a quiet place in your home or some other designated place where you feel comfortable, safe, and is private. Prepare your space and make it sacred knowing that you are about to connect with the I AM—the Master Operator that sits outside the circle of time and has access to all knowledge, all wisdom, all power, and the everywhere presence of the Universal Father. Connections and communication to any other part of the Whole can be made through this Operator—to the One Consciousness that encompasses all other consciousness.

It is time to “come to the table” and partake of the Great Plan. This is a clarion call, Dear One, please take heed.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Personal note from Ophelius: We, mansion world teachers, have put our fusion on hold for a season to allow us the valuable experience of assisting you students on the path in your inner journey and to inspire you to deepen your connection to the I AM. We have intimate knowledge and personal experience in our approach to integration with our god fragments. We make ourselves available to you should you require assistance in finding a more “relatable” way to approach the I AM in your current estate.

Receiver’s note: See previous message, “Destiny Points,” dated 11/23/2014 for a greater understanding of this term.

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