Inter-Adjuster Communication

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 11 Feb 2018
Teacher: Thought Adjuster
Receiver: Chris Maurus

I’m speaking to you in this quiet moment to convey that it is possible for all humans on this planet to attain attunement with their Thought Adjusters and enter the Third Psychic Circle—it is a matter of four basic attributes: Will, Knowledge, Intention, and Faith. For some of you, reaching even higher attunements is possible and also requires these four basic attributes and an additional three: Curiosity, Courage, and Determination. Light and Life can be achieved on this planet when a majority of souls enter the Third Circle, therefore it is paramount that those in higher Circles reach out and provide the inspiration to awaken their slumbering siblings.

The experience level of the Adjuster also plays a part in the initial contact and coordination of spirit resources that aid in the attunement of their wards. Those Thought Adjusters that have greater universe experience (Advanced, Supreme, and Self-Acting) serve as “way showers” to those of the virgin type and therefore does it benefit a planet to have a moderate ratio of experienced Adjusters to lead in a campaign for enlightenment.

Currently on Urantia there is approximately a 1 to 4 ratio of the more experienced type of Adjusters to the virgin type. This ratio is adequate to bring about the attunement of most souls to at least the Third Psychic Circle. However, there are challenges on the human side of this equation that still impedes the efforts of Adjusters—genetics, conditioning, beliefs—and most importantly: human free will. The Advanced types however, choose to indwell those with good genetic compatibility, especially when their wards are to be involved in planetary service.

There is at this time (of correction), a greater degree of inter-Adjuster communication (cross-talk) that allows the advanced types more latitude in sharing needed experience with their virgin counterparts. Here, the Planetary Supreme plays a major role in the energetic component needed to bring about attunement with human consciousness. Because of the unfolding metamorphosis of the Planetary Supreme (Urantia), the Adjusters have a more conducive environment to do the work of attunement. Never before in the history of Urantia has there been a greater “atmosphere” for change and so there has never been a greater opportunity for those who have attunement to make a difference in the lives of those in their circles and beyond through the communication technologies that exist at this time.

The Thought Adjusters are wholly dependent on a “partnership” (a free will agreement) with their wards to make contact with their sleeping siblings. I would like for you to become more aware of this Adjuster cross-talk when you are communicating with others. I admonish you to willfully choose inter-personal dialog with your Thought Adjuster when engaging others that they may receive the needed piece of information and inspiration from both your communications and the Adjuster cross-talk.

You need not be present physically to do this, for mind is omnipresent and only requires that you intentionally connect mind to mind—distance is irrelevant. A written message can also be used as a medium for this type of communication—just picture the exchange happening with the recipients of the message—similar to what is now happening with those reading this message. You are all receiving Adjuster cross-talk through the subtle coding in this message and from the intention of this receiver. The Adjusters on both sides are now exchanging information at a divine level. Partnership with your Adjuster is vital to this method of attunement and requires human free will. If ever you felt inspired to serve in this correcting time, in some capacity, you may choose to do so now through this method of partnership with your Thought Adjuster.

I AM that you are