Have a Near Life Experience

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 27 Jul 2019
Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Many of you have heard of or read about the Near Death Experiences (NDE) of people from all walks of life. Many of these experiences have commonalities—profound actualization of being. Many return with the knowing that they are unconditionally loved and connected to all others—that their thoughts and actions in life have repercussions, positive and negative—life has meaning. Is it possible for you to have a similar experience without having to pass from life into death and back again? Can you have a “Near Life Experience” and live your life with more meaning?

One of the many experiences that are common to NDEs is the “Life Review.” This is a process where the individual sees select moments of their life where they were hurtful to others and they felt the emotional impact of their hard words and actions from the point of view of the recipient. Not only did they feel what it was like from the recipient, but from the secondary contacts and repercussions that were spun off from that event—a connected web of personalities that were all affected in some way by the original intention or thoughtless action. Concomitant to these more negative review moments, the individual sees where they helped someone—giving love, or helping with some problem someone was having. Here again, they feel the emotional impact of that selfless moment of love and how it connected to others in the circle of life. 

The outcome of this Life Review gives the soul that connected feeling that they are part of a family of souls—a brotherhood of human personalities all experiencing life together—a oneness that is inseparable from the mind after the NDE that continues to give life meaning. From then on, nearly all fear has vanished and there is a sense of profound purpose. The embrace of unconditional love has a lasting affect on the psyche—it is a peace that surpasses all understanding.

In life, here and now, you have an opportunity to review your life with your guardian angels and feel the peace of unconditional love from your Father Fragment—the Indwelling Spirit. Let your mind go where the Spirit leads and look at your life from the viewpoint of those who are in your circles past and present. Try to imagine how others feel when they engage you? Look at the dark moments as well as the beautiful moments—examine the contrast and think about how you want to live out your life on earth and what legacy you want to leave?

Your greatest teacher is the wisdom you glean from your own life experiences. Think deeply, my dear students—your consciousness is to be used to reach into the deep well of the mind and see where you have been, what you have learned, and where you are going! Take time to sit and think real thoughts—deep thoughts! This is where Spirit meets you—in the solace of the mind. Do not wait for death to take you to a quiet place—go there now and look at the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Let Spirit sort it out with you and return to your life fearless!

There are so many ways you can have a Near Life Experience—to see things from a higher perspective—to look objectively at the whole person you have become and to live consciously in Father’s Grace. Use that connected web of personalities to put something True, Beautiful, and Good into the world and watch the ripples from your good intentions spin off and change the lives of others.

In service to the soul,

I AM Uteah

Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/have-a-near-life-experience