Give Yourself Permission

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 20 Mar 2016
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Many of you students on the path go through phases where you feel you are regressing in your spiritual development—you feel distracted by your present life duties or career choices which seem to be encroaching on your meditative, creative, healing, or worship activities. There may also be some energetic interference in and around the various layers of the planet which may cause you to feel disconnected, and many are feeling this at present. Whatever the case may be—know this, Dear One: You are here to experience life in all the fullness and contrast that planetary life brings. There shall be times when your spiritual development may seem to wane and wavier, yet are you still growing through experience! Have no fear, for fear is the one most potent spirit poison there is for the creative mind. It shuts down the flow of creativity from the Inner Pilot who guides you.

Give yourself permission to be free to explore the material world and the relationships with others in which you now live. It was created for you to do so. Your spiritual development is always a work in process and we all need reversion from our mission duties—even mansion world teachers take our leave as we explore more of what the Creator has ahead for us. Know that your mission has not changed and there are greater epics ahead for you even when your power seems low and insignificant—the wheels of creation grind on and make ready for your next phase of development.

Wherever it is you find yourself, stay in a state of grateful reverence for the life you have and for the life you hope for. Explore nature and change the scenery from the mundane. Share those moments of beauty you see in the world with your Indwelling Spirit. Now is the time to draw close to your Thought Adjuster and begin to have conversations about your future. These lows and ebbs in your present life may be signaling that a change is coming. Pay attention to these signals and stay open for new opportunities, Dear One.

All is well—the universe is friendly to you and you have much to accomplish in service. Stay focused and do not put too much pressure on yourself. The greatest experiences you can share with the Creator are those that come from a joyful heart and a peaceful mind. When those two areas are in alignment, you feel the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with renewed energy and creativity. When you feel this Holy Rush of power, you shall have new insight in how to proceed.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven