Give these Lost One’s a moment of Lucid Clarity

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear students on the path, we have a serious situation developing on your world which needs attention by you. It would be most helpful if all of you would seriously consider connecting with your Indwelling Father Fragments and pray with the utmost sincerity for peace. You, my friends, can make a difference because you are more powerful than you know when you are intimately connected this way to your Thought Adjusters. When you are consciously connected and in dialog with your TA, you have the ear of the Creator Father. You are His precious child and he delights to know that you want His attention—to ask Him for what is True, Beautiful, and Good—for the greater good of Urantia.

Please, join me now and let us connect with the Presence of the Universal Father on Paradise though our Father Fragments:

My Beloved Indwelling—let us be of one mind and one heart. Let my thoughts merge into your thoughts. Bring me into the Holy Presence of the Father. I clear my mind of all matters of this world and connect with you now. Fill me with your peace, Father—fill me with your unconditional love. Wash me in the light of your presence now, Father. I am your child, and I wish to have this intimate time alone with you to share my thoughts, my desires, and offer up my prayers for a better world—a world at peace.

Father, there are many dangerous and ugly things in the hearts of those who do not know you, Father—they are lost and need your unconditional love to fill their hearts and minds so that they can awaken to love and to the knowing that all people on this world are Indwelled by your Spirit, Father, and all deserve to live and experience love, peace, joy, and to follow their hearts. Father, I ask you to find all these lost children who have murder in their minds—to harm, to do great damage and to draw this world into war—I ask that you find each one, no matter what side of right or wrong they think they belong, and fill them with your Holy Presence. Fill every cell in their bodies with this unconditional love and let them taste the sweetness of what all your children feel that know and love you.

This is all that we ask of you today, Father, that the hearts of these lost ones would be filled with love, even for a moment, and that they might consider what it feels like to be in their brother’s shoes—to see the world with new eyes and to believe in something greater than themselves.

Father, I believe this is Your Will for Urantia, that all would come to know you in their hearts and begin to co-creatively express Your Will and make this world a beautiful place of peace where all people can live and work and play together knowing they all share this divine fragment of your Indwelling within them. Father, please tap on the door of the heart now in this moment and give these lost ones a lucid moment of clarity that they may see a greater reality—that they belong to the family of humanity and that all children, present and future, are their own to care for.

Students: Please picture in your mind’s eye, one of these lost ones and see the light of the Father filling their hearts now. See the expression on their faces change from hatred and confusion to astonishment as they are seized by their hearts and filled with unconditional love. See their grey stone cold hearts change into beating vibrant love filled hearts—red with the shared blood of humanity. See them drop to their knees asking for guidance and forgiveness and see them speak the words that they would do what is right and that they would stop, at any cost, those things that they have set in motion to bring harm to others.

If this is Your Will, Father, let it be so. And so it is!

Peace to all of you,

The Circle of Seven

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