“For Ye are Gods”

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear friends and students on the path, I have a question for you that I would like for you to ponder with great sincerity, curiosity, and with the deepest of thoughts. Take this question into stillness and let it saturate your mind. Then, let it flow from the mind to the heart, for the heart is the doorway to the soul. Let your imaginations run with it and observe all the avenues and astonishing situations you can imagine. To answer this question with complete sincerity and surety, you shall be entering into a soul contract with your Thought Adjuster—the Divine Fragment of the All Mighty Creator. Upon answering, you shall have made a decision that shall activate the Divine Mystery through which the universe shall begin to make preparations and calculate the reverberations of your decision. This is not an exercise to be taken casually and it certainly is a question you shall want to answer before you leave this world.

The question is this: Do you want to live forever? This is a seemingly simple question, yet to take this question deep within and follow it down to the core of the idea is something that is not entirely easy for a finite mind to consider. This idea of eternity and infinity—to live without end—to be godlike in that your personality; your mind and memories; shall endure in eternal perpetuity. Please sit with this question, my friends, and think about what that means to you? After careful consideration, answer it and direct that answer to your Thought Adjuster. There are three answers that may be given: “YES,” “NO,” and “I Don’t Know.” Following this answer, please qualify it by explaining why you chose this answer. Have you given it enough consideration? Your Indwelling Spirit is patient and has waited for your entire life and has led you to this moment of decision.

Thus far in your life, you have been in silent partnership with the Creator of all things. The Creator Indwells you through the agency of His Divine Fragment, for which he escapes the fetters of infinity and experiences the creation of the universes of time through your eyes and from your unique perspective. You are already participating in the “trial run” of your eternal career, yet you are given a choice whether or not to continue this partnership, for the Creator does not impose His Will on any soul. He wants to show you the astonishing wonders of the universe—the many worlds, realms, and systems of Creation, for this loving Creator desires that you continue your journey and share those experience with Him. He delights in those astonishing moments of wonder and joy—all those “ah-ha” experiences you have along the way as He reveals another mystery to your growing and perfecting mind.

Are you up to the challenge of an eternal life, my friends? Can you even imagine what it is like to “be” and never pass out of existence? Do you not realize that the potential to fuse with this Fragment of the Creator has been given to you and that all you need to do to acquire it is to accept it by your own free will? Nobody can take this from you—it is a free gift with no strings attached. You only have to accept that this is a shared journey—for you are never alone. Your passing from this world into the hereafter need only be a transition and not an ending. With your consent, you actually become an active participant in creation rather then a bystander watching life happen around you. Your “Affirmative” sets in motion the framework for the epics of your participation in the Great Plan. “For Ye are gods!”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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