Eye of the Needle Opportunity

Teacher: Universal Censor - Qussi

Greetings to you, dear friends, for I have been with you for some time during this campaign of correction on Urantia.  I AM a Universal Censor and I AM here as an adjudicator in the affairs of the deceased working with those detained energies in what you call, "The Borderland."  I AM a Trinity Origin being and I represent (in this case) the Ancients of Days and the Deity Absolute.  Similarly as the Absonites are here to see that Ultimate realities are served, I AM here to expedite the adjudication of matters concerning the IAM and Absolute destinies.  Urantia is a most unique sphere in the universe and could be considered the most unusual sphere in the super universe of Orvonton.  Because of its uniqueness and checkered history, the ripples and injustices from the Lucifer Rebellion have echoed far into the future affecting not only events in this local universe, but into the far outer space regions that have yet to be inspired--a delicate balance between opportunity and disaster.  I AM here to see that the unfolding events and the repercussions of the past on Urantia stay on the side of future opportunity.

The unfortunate experiences of many souls from this world must be adjudicated with a high degree of mercy, for even in the choosing of error, do the thoughts and actions of many dysfunctional personalities, having maliciously imposed their will over the free will of others, have some degree of consideration in mercy because of the Luciferian tampering of so many systems, circuits, and influences that have continued unabated for over 200,000 years.  These are vastly complex matters and requires the judicial wisdom of a Universal Censor to sort out and guide, with precision, the unfolding destinies of both the living and the dead to see that the Will of the Universal Father is served concerning future events and ascents.

Your administrative capital of Jerusem and it's supporting spheres have a somewhat unique structure for dealing with the ascension (or dissolution) of personalities coming out of rebellion and I coordinate my findings with those administrators and systems that are to receive the souls coming from the apostate planets. My rulings are final and may only be appealed by the Ancients of Days and have yet been unchallenged.  Should these matters have been taken up by lower courts at the system level, the time needed to adjudicate these complex matters would jeopardize the "eye of the needle" opportunity to steer destinies in a direction that is beneficent and what may be considered by some as sublimely creative and beautiful in terms of Absolute destiny.

You really have no idea how fortunate you (the peoples of Urantia) are in living in this most auspicious of times on this unparalleled sphere of confusion and transition. The choosing of love, mercy, and compassion in the face of such adversity is a blessing that may grace your ascension career all the way to paradise.  Use your time here wisely and try to appreciate the opportunities that are before you.  I trust that most of you (reading this transcript) shall be escorted by your destiny guardians to your mansion world abodes when your time here is complete and shall not pass through my court--for that, I am delighted to introduce myself to you now.

Take solace in the fact that your world is divinely loved and receiving the attention of the Universal Father Himself to see that justice is served with mercy and the rewards for the perseverance of faith in the face of adversity is beyond your comprehension--the experience and forthcoming wisdom gleaned here is unparalleled in all the super universe of Ovonton--to the benefit of the Supreme, the Ultimate, and unto the Absolute.

I AM Qussi--Universal Censor assigned to 606.

Reciever's note: I asked, for the benefit of human minds, what gender we might associate with Qussi and was told that "an assertive female" would be most representative of her personality.  I asked if gender was a consideration in her assignment here on Urantia, and in answer she said, yes, because of the disproportionate influence of a male dominated world, a more female adjudicator would compliment the proceedings of her office.  This is also why Trinity Teacher, Uteah, is of a feminine personality.

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