Explore the Evolution of the Soul

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear Students,

Today we would like to explore the evolution of the soul and what it means to actively participate in your own ascension. Many of you have achieved, have surpassed, or are approaching; the Third Circle of Adjuster Attunement also known as the Third Psychic Circle. What this indicates is that there is an increasing exchange of communications in the conscious mind between you and your Thought Adjuster (TA), yet most of you do not recognize this exchange as being a conversation with the Divine—it feels more like your own voice, but if you could step back into your thoughts from a decade ago, you would quickly recognize the difference in the quality of your thoughts then as compared to now. It is in this difference that we are speaking of today which you may recognize as your own spiritual evolution.

Circle attainment (7th to the 1st) is an evolution of mind and thought played out on the stage of time as a construct for soul development. As you are presented with opportunities for growth throughout your life—moral choices, it is your ability to make decisions that reflect and demonstrate the divine attitude that determines the rate at which you grow. A 7th Circler is starting at a place where it’s “all about me,” so to speak, and decisions are based on this ego-centric world view. In this place, there is little conscious input from the Adjuster because there is no open circuit in the mind for such input—the mind is locked down and the world is seen as being very “black and white,” and decisions are largely made as a means of answering, “How does this benefit me in my black and white world?”

It is only when the churning of life and the relationships and opportunities therewith provides a “color” to the black and white landscape does the individual “stop” and take notice for the first time that something in his or her personal life has changed. There is a need for a decision that does not fit into the lexicon of black and white vocabulary. It is here where the individual has the opportunity to “step outside the box” of predictable patterns and open a new circuit in the mind where the TA may speak into the heart. It is here where the divine attitude sits waiting for the choosing to act. If the individual acts on this “feeling,” a new circuits in the mind opens and remains open for other Adjuster input unless the individual regresses back into black and white thinking—old patterns.

As more and more decisions are made to stop and consider the divine attitude, more and more circuits are open for TA input. This progressive type thinking will lead to attunement with the TA where He can more easily work with you directly rather than through the more difficult process of painful life lessons. Working directly with the TA means you are giving more pause and thought to the situations and relationships in your life and you are being more pro-active than re-active allowing TA input to flow through you. When the TA becomes a conscious partner in your thought-life, there shall be soul evolution—it must be so, for the soul begins to take on the form of the divine and when it is mature enough, fusion shall occur!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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