Experience a Sense of Unity

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 5 Jul 2015
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we would like for you to experience a sense of shared unity with the Creator Father. How can such imperfect beings, such as humans, have a unifying experience with a perfect Creator? You can experience unity in many forms and because you are human and imperfect, you will share in that part of unity that you understand. What exactly is unity? It is a culmination or the bringing together the total attitude, desire, aspiration, and hoped for final destiny of the child to be like the Creator; to actually feel a part of the whole of creation and to acknowledge your co-creatorship as a participant in bringing all things to completion in relative perfection.

How do you begin and approach this place or attitude of unity? You start by stilling the mind, and then express your gratitude for life in prayerful worship acknowledging the priceless gift of eternal life and your sovereignty as a free-will creature. Recognize the tremendous love the Creator Father has poured out on you by giving you a personality and identity to experience the journey and astonishing path to perfection—all truth, beauty, and goodness that shall be your experience. Be thankful for the Father’s bestowal of the Thought Adjuster—your pilot and guide through the sublime journey home to paradise where you shall stand in finality of perfection and truly know what unity with the Creator Father is in near totality.

It is in this process of emotional expression of gratitude for these things hoped for that you begin to feel this unity of consciousness. You take on the attitude of all Spirit—to be self-forgetful and only see the divine pattern of participating in the movement to bring all things to perfection and completion. You feel the mercy of the Creator Son to understand your fellows and to have tolerance for their imperfections and errors and know that they also will one day grow to the point of having this sense of unity with the Creator. Open your mind to all possibilities, my friends, and imagine the glory of things to come!

Imagine your future estate—what it will be like to wake up in the resurrection halls of mansonia; to have an incorruptible body; to explore the universes and to learn and grow to possess an intellect that is inconceivable to your now finite understanding. Imagine what astonishment awaits you on the capital worlds of Salvington and the super universes of time. What experiences will you have as you visit the one billion perfect worlds of Havona? What will it be like to wake up after a long sleep as you step on to the shores of paradise where the Creator is resident and you experience the ecstatic state of unity with God and all the creatures there who share in your excitement for having attained perfection? Try to imagine the unimaginable!

Forget about your present circumstance and place yourself in this glorious future estate—use your creative imagination and see the glory in your mind’s eye. Now feel this sense of unity with all life in the universe to move in that direction. You are wading in the River of Life, my friends, and you are flowing with the current that will bring you to this place you have imagined and dreamt about. All love, truth, beauty, and goodness is yours to experience and every other spirit and personality is having this same dream and desire to move things to perfection and completion. We are all One! We are all unified in this sense of accomplishment and being. This is the sense of unity!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/experience-a-sense-of-unity