Expand your Awareness with Guidance: Part 1

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear students, we would like to help you to work with your spiritual guidance teams. In our last message we introduced you to your guidance teams and today we would like to assist you in solidifying your faith in these personal resources and have you try a simple exercise to help you understand how powerful and real this connection is. It is important that you connect with them everyday to build trust and confidence in the relationship (on both sides). The days of the guru are over, my friends, an it is within everyone to cultivate real spiritual power using the relationships that are closer to you than your own breath.

Before you can work effectively with your guidance, it is beneficial for your subtle fields to be emotionally and energetically attuned. If you are not familiar with the human subtle energy fields, some call the chakras, we encourage you to investigate this energy system and understand its basic terminology, their locations, and function. Your mind—what you think, and feel, and understand, affects these energy structures and has a direct relationship with your physical nature—what is held in the mind, appears in the energy field and then manifests in the body.

Feedback is a necessary component of communication and so it is important for you to “feel” what is going on within your own subtle energy field. Some of you are more sensitive than others, but all of you have a nervous system that gives feedback from the subtle fields—an example of this would be sexual orgasm—it gives direct feedback through the nervous system from what is going on in the mind and subtle fields. Many would say they feel nothing, but that is because they are constantly distracted by external stimuli. For our first exercise in connecting with our guidance teams, we shall get comfortable and reduce our external stimuli—we shall find a very quiet place, without distraction, and close our eyes.

Address and ask your guidance team to assist you in expanding your awareness: “My Beloved, my guidance team, please assist me now and increase my sensitivity to the energies within my own body.”

Turn your attention within to your own body—feel your heart beat within you and listen to your soft breathing. Calm your mind but stay focused on all the parts of your body. Your body is alive and has a consciousness of its own that is connected to your subconscious mind and the subtle fields. Use your awareness to slowly sweep up and down your body feeling each part individually—toes, feet, legs...on up to the top of your head—feel every muscle relax and feel the blood circulate through all parts. Practice “feeling” and try to extend your awareness each time to more and more parts within your body. Do this mind/body meditation everyday and continue to extend your awareness. Once you have become familiar with your own physical body via the feedback of the nervous system, you shall begin to develop a familiarity with your energetic body and sense energies outside the boundary of your physical body.

Practice this mind/body awareness exercise and we shall continue in our next message to access the subtle fields with assistance from your guidance team.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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