Exercise for Conscious Coordination

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 1 Mar 2020
Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Chris: Uteah, how shall we engage Urantia today?

Uteah: You shall make known the reality of the Thought Adjuster (TA) to your brothers and sisters.  This will change human consciousness collectively and there is no single most cohesive idea that can have more impact on the soul of man and his continuity into eternity.

Chris:  Uteah, I’ve been given insights about this idea about TA attunement—that we can participate co-creatively with the TA in the choosing of what is kept for continuity—those experiences, values, and relationships that are ultimately “counterparted” (a saved copy) by the TA and kept safe in the soul-trust that may be reflected upon in the ascension career—the very best parts of who we are?

Uteah: Yes, this idea is a more practical example of human/TA relationship that directly affects how you hold yourself in the world and the choices you make as you relate to other personalities. Being conscious of your relationship with your Indwelling Spirit is the beginning of personality maturity, but to be actively engaged in “soul-building” is a unifying coordination between you and your TA that strengthens your relationship and builds trust in the reality of your potential eternal partnership.  You literally become “more real” as you make more of these unifying choices and collect your gems for safe keeping.  Your equilibrium with the TA (fusion) is more certain with each “deposit.”

It is true that you may become conscious of those moments where you and the TA have an alignment of wills (the TA’s pre-will and your human will) where you actually know that you have just made a deposit into the soul-trust—that you have experienced something that is truly and touchingly beautiful, good, and lovely—that you are sure to reflect upon in your morontial career that adds to your pallet of wisdom—it helps you make choices during your mortal training and beyond into the ascension to Finality.

Exercise for Conscious Coordination

To begin this exercise of conscious coordination and alignment of will with the TA, you might imagine a beautiful sunrise breaking over the ocean or above the mountains.  Imagine the warm sun rays hitting your face—you feel peace—you are happy—blessed to be alive, and grateful for the beauty of this moment.  Ask your TA to join you in this experience of beauty.  You feel as if your TA sees and experiences this moment through your eyes and in your heart. Imagine a warm loving vibration coming over you as confirmation of this intimate moment shared.  You might say something like: “My Beloved, I share this beautiful moment with you—see through my eyes; feel through my heart; and keep safe this moment in the treasures of my soul.”
This “sharing” of beautiful experiences with your TA is something you will want to make a part of your everyday life and develop a habit of sharing your intimate thoughts and awareness of these beautiful moments.  When you do this, you are in agreement with the divine partnership to allow the pre-will of the TA to come together with your human will in a moment of shared joy.  This is an attunement of will and this leads to more conscious awareness of other insights the TA will share with you when you bring yourself into this intimate heart-space.  This is one of the most important “exercises” you can do to develop a relationship with your TA.

A “beautiful experience” can be many things—it could be the appreciation for a beautiful place; the joy of watching a child play and laugh; a feeling of love for a friend or partner; or reading or hearing something that “rings your truth bells.” Any experience really, that results in a feeling of joy or an “ah-ha” moment, can be consciously shared with the TA.  These are some of the “gems” that the Adjuster “counterparts” and keeps in your eternal trust—the soul.  The TA has been doing this unaware with you for your entire life.  Now, you have a way to become consciously aware of the process and actually participate in those things you want to take with you into eternity! 

This is an astounding revelation for some of you—to become aware of your active participation with the TA as She intimately gathers the gems of your greater-self and stores them in the soul for all time.

Revealing the not-so-obvious,

I AM Uteah

Receiver’s Note:  Uteah says that this is an exercise that is often used on the mansion worlds and is something that you shall continue to use as you seek equilibrium with the TA.  Using conscious coordinated choice is a way to gain access to that morontial part of your mind—the soul-mind.

Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/exercise-for-conscious-coordination