Embrace the Inner Guru

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to address the Corps Students—those who have diligently followed this teaching program and have taken the messages and lessons to the “heart and soul” of their being. We also want you to know that we leave no one out who is actively engaged and may be only starting on this path, for you are all developing your mature spiritual personalities in waves (soul groups) and so today we address those groups that are ready to receive our guidance and instruction for their active participation in the Correcting Time and in Father’s Great Plan.

My dear students, it should be clear to you, but often not, that you have progressed further along than you know and most all of you have achieved the Third Psychic Circle of human personality maturity and spiritual potential, and some have gone even further than this. With this achievement comes the attachment of two Destiny Guardians—one of which is always present and focused on your accelerated growth. You have achieved a moderate degree of attunement with your Thought Adjuster (TA) and are receiving regular input, yet many of you do not recognize this as divine leading.

Your humble nature, which is a virtue that has served you well on your spiritual path, can sometimes prevent you from “owning” your mature status as an advanced student. For you, the days of seeking outwardly for a greater guru is over, and many of you are discovering that the guru message no longer satisfies your need for greater attunement. It is for you, dear students that I implore you to step into your shoes and embrace the inner guru, your Father Fragment, as an intimate partner that stands ready to hand you the “keys to the kingdom.”

I, as one who serves with you, cannot tell you what your mission is—that is for you to work out with your TA, but I am here to guide you to the doorway of your Inner Guru that you may believe and boldly step into your role as an advanced student—one who is aware of their active participation in the Great Plan and one who shall work in partnership with their TA—to Ask and to Receive. There are gifts of the spirit that are to be revealed to those who serve and are ready for their ordination as confirmed partners with the Father via His Indwelling Spirit.

Already have many of your TAs “looked ahead” and have confirmed your fusion as fact and it is only a matter of time and experience before the Sacred Union is complete—you are undeniably destined for eternal life in service with the family of the Creator. You are gods in the making and it is not prideful for you to accept this—it is the Creator’s plan for you—to stand before him on paradise and receive the embrace of Finality—to go out into the greater developing universes of time and become the administrators of new worlds.

Although you are now standing in the kindergarten of your eternal service, you have been given these revelations that you may understand your destiny (like those in later epics of Light and Life). Now step into your roles as partners with the Creator by establishing your relationship with His Indwelling Spirit. The Keys to the Kingdom lay in His outstretched hand.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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