Don’t Throw the Baby out with the Bath Water

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 22 Apr 2018
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Dear Students on the Path,

I would like to address some concerns this one has, and some others, about the continuity of this “Co-creative Teaching Alliance (CTA)” we have between mansion world teachers and human receivers during this Correcting Time. It may seem to you that we have talked exhaustively about a great many topics and ideas designed to help you develop a relationship with divinity and how to expand your minds and grow weightier souls, and so we have. Most of the messages given are “timeless” and can be helpful in any age and with any culture—being human is the only prerequisite.

Let me make clear that this CTA is not what you may know as the “Teaching Mission.” That was a “pilot program” of discovery for both the celestial realms and for humans living on a world emerging from the isolation of rebellion. From that program we learned a great many things about how to engage you, and we continue to learn from you. We have seen tremendous growth in some of you, and many of you have “stepped up” and taken on the co-creative work of correction during these tumultuous times. This is and continues to be our intention—that through this alliance we shall sustain the influx of information, knowledge, and techniques for developing individuals that shall, at some point, take these lessons and apply it in their personal lives. From this same group we see that some will begin teaching the ideas in these lessons to a greater multitude—through books, conferences, and programs.

It is also intended that the CTA will bridge the gap between the dispensations and that shall eventually lead to contact with the Trinity Teacher Sons. As a world begins its ascent to the age of Light and Life, the influx of information and contact between the realms will increase—not decrease. I admonish you not to crystallize in your mind how this shall happen—we have contact with humans all over your world and use whatever techniques work best to engage them, which is always changing because each generation will bring with it new potentials for engagement.

It is also important that we maintain a flow of new information on how to “adjust” to new energies as Urantia adjusts to Her Supreme transformation which affects human consciousness. Even now, the energetic changes are affecting the way your Thought Adjusters work in your minds. Be mindful that whatever changes are necessary to bring your world to Light and Life can only come about co-creatively—you must participate in it and so we shall always be at the ready to support you. To sustain and grow this effort, we need more individuals to make themselves available to us.

As much as the lessons teach how to grow weightier souls, they also teach how to prepare for contact with us and we admonish you all to review these lessons and take up the cause for your world—to participate in the Great Plan in this life, which in and of itself, positions you for even greater service as you ascend the mansion worlds and beyond—the ripples grow into great waves.

The CTA works with all levels of need and serves to feed the intellectual palates of a diverse population. For some, the lessons may seem repetitive and like baby food, and to others it may be difficult in understanding—yet as diverse as you all are, there is something for everyone there. There is a saying on your world, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” Take from it those things that ring true for you where you are on your spiritual journey.

I hope to have more of these “check-in” messages as the spiritual landscape changes.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s note: The mnemonic “CTA” was given to emphasize that both humans and celestials are teachers in this time of correction—that we rely on each other to bring about the changes necessary to fulfill the Will of the Creator. They provide the food, and together with our Father Fragments, we digest it and break it down and use it for the energy needed to sustain our world spiritually and materially.