Destiny Points—The Crossroads of Decision

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Dear One, it is I AM—your Beloved Indwelling. Within the lifetime of any person there is what I call, “Destiny Points” and there are many. These are conjunctions or intersections where the life plan of the soul and the life path of the individual come together at a crossroads and at this “point” there is a decision to be made. Sometimes the individual is aware of the importance of this decision and other times the Destiny Point is subtle and may not enter into one’s consciousness, yet it must still be acted on subconsciously. The Destiny Points are opportunities for growth and for the highest good of the soul and they are afforded to you by my direction as I AM your spiritual operator.

Each decision made by the free will of the individual determines the “branch” or pathway to the next Destiny Point. For those who are still sleeping, the branches weave in and out of the soul path bringing the individual face to face with opportunities to awaken in the form of lessons learned through the trials of life. If the opportunity is passed over—ignored, then is another branch “calculated” and another point determined that will afford another chance to grow. The guardian angels and destiny guardians work closely with the Father Fragments to guide the life path of the individual to the next Destiny Point.

The matrices for these calculated branches are complex beyond your understanding and all decisions made affect universe destiny in some way great or small. The greater the effect on universe destiny, per the decision of the individual, the more spiritual resources are used to manage the conjunction of the Destiny Point for the individual or group of individuals who affect that change. What do I mean by universe destiny? Universe destiny is the “River of Life” which flows from imperfection to relative perfection in time. Just as sentient beings are learning, growing, progressing, and moving toward relative perfection through the experiences of life, so too are societies, nations, planets, star systems, and the galactic mother wheels of creation—all evolving, growing, changing, settling into a more perfect form of balance and harmony. All of these things make up the body of the whole organism and each life; each soul; on any world of time is important and valued and is “calculated” into the whole equation of universe destiny.

Who you are, what decisions you make, and how you affect the lives of others in your life circle; in your community; in your nation; and on your planet, are important to the whole organism and universe destiny. Do you realize how valued you are by the Father? For He has placed in you the co-creative power to change the destiny of your planet—to be a partner with God and to participate in the Correcting Time which has been carefully established by your celestial planetary managers. For those who have awakened and are aware of the great effort in play to change the destiny of your planet, more resources are afforded to those who are willing to work with spirit and therefore are more energies (opportunities) placed on those branches that lead to the next Destiny Point for the co-creative child.

Choose wisely, choose carefully, and be mindful of the outcomes of your decisions—great or small.


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