Consciousness Mapping (Part 1)

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear Students on the path,

In weeks past, we have talked about the “One Mind” and how we are all connected as focal points of consciousness within this One Mind of the Creator. If we were to visualize consciousness as if looking at a two dimensional map, we might better understand how to navigate this One Mind and use our focal point within it to move the collective of human consciousness forward toward a more enlightened path.

Each of us are like patches in a gigantic quilt all connected by the threads that hold it together. If we would use geometric shape, color, and pattern to represent that part of the quilt that is humanity, we would see that there is a unique hue and design within this gigantic quilt work that outlines the mass consciousness of Urantia at the planetary level. From within this part of the quilt there are other related patch distinctions of complimentary color and pattern that define consciousness in subsets. The center of each subset is like the nucleus of a cell that contains all the information and structures needed to communicate to the patches the racial history of the planet.

Each child born into the world spawns a patch within the subset of the parents and thus begins the subconscious programming of that patch by the nucleus of the subset. If we think about consciousness this way we can then use our minds to connect not only to other minds within the quilt, but to the subset structures that contain the racial history. It is possible then, to change the subconscious layer at the nucleus which then feeds all the other patches connected to it by the threads that hold everything together. The key to Light and Life then becomes a matter of changing the subconscious programming at the nucleus of the quilted subsets—change that and all the patches take on a new color and pattern which affects all other subset structures connected to it.

This is “Consciousness Mapping” and it is something we study at length here on the mansion worlds, which can be incredibly complicated. As you know, the world is not flat as it is represented on a map, but is three dimensional—spherical. Your human minds are better suited to the logic of planes, not spheres, and so looking at it in the “flat” can help you to navigate. Consciousness however, is “nested” in spheres similarly to a Matryoshka Doll—a Russian stacking doll. You (humanity) are at the center of the stack so to speak—the smallest of the dolls within larger dolls. Because you are sewn into the quilt of this smallest sphere of consciousness, your focal point can be more effective in changing the programming of the subset nucleus. My thoughts and words coming to you stem from a larger doll in the stack which connect to this receiver by a vertical thread (connecting these two dolls). I do not have direct access to the nucleus of the subset and so any re-programming can only be effectively done by those sewn into the quilt of the nested sphere of influence.

We (Spirit) are here to help you help yourselves, and this is why we cannot simply wave a magic wand and make all your troubles vanish. You need to do the work, yet we (Spirit) understand that your troubles did not originate from your sphere, but from higher spheres (Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia) and this is why you are to have a divine representative—a Magisterial Son among you in the flesh to greatly aid and accelerate your re-programming of the map. The Magisterial infrastructure (circuitry), at an energetic level, is nearly complete, and Monjoronson will be in need of those who are willing to navigate the maps and work with him to bring this world to Light and Life. We shall speak more about this “Consciousness Mapping” in the coming weeks.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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