By this time Tomorrow

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 21 May 2017
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today, dear students, we would like for you to begin thinking about your ascendant career and to put your life here on earth in perspective to this next step in the ascension path. When you align your thoughts with what you might expect to find on the mansion worlds, you will then discover how you can better prepare for this next phase of your perfecting journey by living today as if you have just awakened on the abode of Mansion World Number One. To be born of the Spirit, you must die unto yourself and awaken to a new reality. Let us explore this by asking a few questions:

Hypothetically, if I were to tell you that by this time tomorrow, your life here on earth will be over and you shall be awakening on the shores of the mansion worlds to continue your ascension career. What might be your first thoughts? Many will think about family and begin to worry about how they may cope with the loss—you imagine their tear stained faces as they deeply grieve for you. You think: “How will they survive in a world without me there to care for them?” Some of you may have regrets of having failed to achieve some earthly desire, or you might think: “If only I could live my life over, knowing what I know now, I would have lived it much differently.” Explore those thoughts, my friends, and have no guilt for thinking them—what is it that you truly desire and how would you live life if given a second chance? Pause now and please follow the path of your thoughts?

Soon you shall be free of all earthly responsibilities—all your needs shall be met and you shall awaken on the shores of an astonishingly beautiful world where true peace exists—never again should you need to fear anything, for no harm shall ever befall you there. Your life on earth is over and there is no going back. You take with you only the needful lessons and memories to assist you in your new life on the mansion worlds. You are youthful, and you have the ideal body—one that is beautiful and shall never age or grow sick. You can think clearly for the first time having no chatter of the earthly world bantering for your attention. In this clear and blissful state of mind you begin to understand how different love is when removed from the conditions of earthly life—you feel light, free, and you feel an overwhelming sense of love and forgiveness pervade you. You are not alone, for this love you feel is coming from within you and soon you are greeted by friends who love you unconditionally that take you by the arm and kindly explain and show you all the glories of your new home. Let your mind wander, my friends, and think about how life in the hereafter might be for you? Pause and let your co-creative powers of imagination fill in the blanks?

What is it that you expect it would be? How different is it from your life now? Is it possible that some aspects of the hereafter could be realized in this life? What part of that divine life could be lived now? How do you imagine relationships to be in the hereafter? On the mansion worlds, there are no hidden agendas—you are who you are, and all those you meet are sincere in their exchanges with you. You are learning to understand the Great Plan and soon you find yourself in very interesting activities that help you to contribute to this Great Plan. Your life on earth seems like a dream now—you feel that you are living in a true reality of beauty and goodness—those celestial teachers and angels who were veiled from you in earth life are now standing before you. Those things that you have believed without seeing are now made manifest. How does this change your world view in this life?

Visit these thoughts often, my friends, and soon it shall begin to shape the reality of your earthly life. When you view life from a higher perspective, you can better understand the things that are most important to you and to all those living life with you.

Live well and live love,

The Circle of Seven