Be you perfect in your Own Day and Time – Part 2

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 23 Oct 2016
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

In part 1 of this message we talked about the “normal” curve of planetary development and what the expectation was for each world according to its evolutionary standing—to be “perfect” meant living a life according to the guided and inherent maturity of the personal, spiritual, and social memes in planetary consciousness that were available to that day and generation. The “bar” (expectation) that is set by your planetary administrators takes into consideration all these developmental factors for which a planetary dispensation is crafted to set standards and limitations for how each generation is to be guided according to its “intended” path of development. To live a “perfect life” on Urantia, is one of the most challenging endeavors in the universe for the souls born to this world and for the planetary administration that oversees a dispensation.

Urantia, being an experimental world and having been greatly affected by the Lucifer Rebellion, was a recipe for disastrous setbacks in both the biological and sociological development of your species. There was much “tinkering” by the rebellious leaders to “disconnect” man from knowing the love of the Universal Father and the Great Plan. The “light of truth” that inspires man to be more that what he is was nearly extinct on Urantia were it not for the emergency service of Machiventa Melchizedek—the “Priest of Salem” who brought the lost teachings of your spiritual heritage back into planetary consciousness as he and his missionaries spread the light of truth throughout the world which then seeded all the known religions of today and paved a way for the greatest spiritual dispensation and revelation any world in the universe could hope for—the bestowal of a Creator Son born to woman as Jesus of Nazareth and the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth on all flesh.

It is said that the Son of Man lived a perfect life and is the example for all worlds in the universe for what a perfect life meant for that day and time which could therefore be extrapolated by planetary administrators across all stages of planetary development for the standards that would be used to guide the evolutionary process. Jesus was challenged in all ways in his humanity as any of you are in your lives. He is the pattern example for human behavior and spiritual achievement. He attained perfect “atunement” with his Indwelling Spirit, which at that point did he awaken to his full consciousness as a Creator Son. In His words: “You shall achieve even greater things than I,” was a testament for the powerful potential that is within the human heart. I say “heart” because that is where the Spirit speaks.

I admonish each of you to read your text on the Life and Teachings of Jesus and examine the powerful character of His humanity—the courage, compassion, and righteous living that he demonstrated among his fellows—even in the face of incredible ignorance and cruelty and in the actions of the darkened minds of that time. In His exemplary life He gives us the key to unlock that human potential to “achieve even greater things.” He challenges us to love, not only with a neighborly love, but with a Fatherly love—even unto your enemies—a simple statement, but with an utterly powerful consequence.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s note: A “dispensation” is defined as an epoch of time on an evolutionary world where certain rules and standards are set in place by the celestial planetary administration which governs the path of planetary evolution. This includes, but not limited to: revelation, spiritual influence, and universe energies which may or may not be used in the process of moving a developing world from one epoch to another—a “playbook” of sorts. Worlds that have been involved in rebellion need very carefully considered dispensations. Every dispensation sets the bar for human “accountability” which determines the mercy ministry to be considered for the souls of that world.