Active Participation in your Ascension

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 14 May 2017
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Dear Students on the path, I would like to speak to you today about the single most effective way to attune and connect with your Divine Indwelling, your “Higher-self.” Certainly, all the previous messages that have been given on the subject of stillness and connecting to the Father Fragments is forthright and helpful, but there is one sure tried and true way that is most effective, and that is to simply go out into the world and engage others with a “Fatherly Love.” This Fatherly Love I speak of is not the love of a human father, but of The Divine Father—the Creator of all things. This is the love that Jesus spoke of to his Apostles that transcended the Golden Rule—to do unto your neighbor as you would have them do unto you.

This Fatherly Love rises to the highest levels of your humanity and approaches the divinity of the Indwelling Spirit as it is engaged by you with others in your relationships. How does the Creator Father see you, my dear students? Does he judge you and create all manner of hardships because of your imperfections? Is he really a jealous and wrathful God? Does he keep a list of all your misdeeds and shortcomings? No, He does none of these things. He is a loving Father who sees in you all the potentials that are possible and can even see in a moment what you have become over eons of time.

He sees in you the beauty and innocence of a little child just starting out on life. He knows that your life shall transcend this nursery world and continue on into the hereafter—world after world, realm, after realm in the Father’s house. He sees how magnificent you shall be and all the astonishing things you shall experience and learn. This far-seeing view of your life and soul in eternity—who you really are and what you are becoming, is something to be cherished, celebrated, and loved unconditionally.

To love others this way, my dear students, is to see beyond this world and see what the Father sees. When I say “see” I mean to see with the heart. You may not always agree with the actions of others and how they think under the veil of separation—limited by the selfishness of the ego, but you can use this far-seeing view of who they may become, and by that, remove your own judgments and perceptions of them. This way do you stay unattached to the behavior and may approach your fellows with mercy and understanding as did the Master in His sojourn on your world. Honor and acknowledge the divinity that lives in every man, woman, and child of age.

To love this way (Fatherly Love), brings you into dialog with your Thought Adjuster where you may be guided to engage others with the mind of Christ (Christ Consciousness). It is this developing dialog as you consciously invite the Indwelling Spirit into your engagements that brings about attunement. This, my friends, is active participation in your training as ascending sons and daughters. This is what you bring into stillness—the experiences of your engagements—soul treasures. This life and realm you are in on the material worlds is one of the richest environments for your ascension career and when you awaken to the fact of your Divine Indwelling, and then cultivate that relationship, do you excel in the fruits of the spirit and the fulfillment of Jesus’ edict to “Love with a Fatherly Love—as I have loved you.”

There are many “tools” and many paths that may prepare you for “engagement,” but until you step into active participation in your ascension career, you may grow little in attunement with your Thought Adjuster (TA) on this world. Love is the vibration of the Father/TA. To Live, to Act, to Be always striving to understand love in all its forms is to be reaching for Divine Unity. The journey toward this unification IS the attunement process.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven