Activate the Light Body

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today my dear students, we would like to speak about how to participate in your own attunement process with your Thought Adjuster (TA). As with all things in the universes of time and space, creature participation in the emergence of the Supreme Being requires free will decisions that attribute to unique creature experiences—the co-creative endeavors between you and your TA. Those that are aware of their Co-creative Partners have a distinct advantage over those who are oblivious to this fact of being—even more advantageous are those who work together with their Divine Partners to participate in the Great Plan and execute Christ Michael’s work to bring this world to the doorstep of Light and Life.

Those of you having felt that you have come to this world to accomplish something great and have been searching for the key that unlocks the mystery that seems imprisoned in your mind—it is to you that I speak. That mystery is not a how, or where, or when, but an “ah-ha.” It is the moment when you realize that there is unfathomable power on “standby” and living within your mind—the Mystery Monitor waiting for you to awaken and claim your inheritance in this life. While the slumbering world looks ahead for a “savior” to come and manifest utopia for them, you have the opportunity to willingly and co-creatively participate in something monumental—here and now.

We have given you many lessons over the years where we have talked extensively about this living relationship between you and Deity and now it is time for some of you to take that accumulated knowledge, your applied experiences, and begin to use it and use it with power. Many of you have not so much as have been “chosen” to do this work of the Correcting Time, but you have willingly prepared yourself—through faith, and perseverance, to seek for that powerful relationship that is the key to all manifestation.

Whenever there is a celestial administrative campaign (Correcting Time) to “move” a planet and bring it into alignment with the creative mandates of the Great Plan, it is always a team effort between planetary oversight (the celestial realm) and with those living beings on the worlds of time and space. We look for those exceptional “bright lights” that are most likely to establish a relationship with their Indwelling Spirit and prepare themselves for co-creative assignments. It is these individuals that get the focus from “our side” where we put our energies and continue to lay the bread crumbs that lead to the unfolding of the Mystery.

We ask you to prepare yourselves for the next level of attunement, and as you have been faithfully following the bread crumbs thus far, it would be beneficial for you to sit down and connect intimately with your TA and ask (willingly) for this next level of attunement. As mansion world teachers, we typically encode our messages “between the lines” as you and your TA digest the lesson and apply it in your own way, but today we are giving you the coded words for this next level of attunement/participation:

“ACTIVATE THE LIGHT BODY.” The meaning of this code is between you and your TA and cannot be defined by any other.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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