A Way Home – Clearing the Borderland of Old Energies

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 1 Jan 2017
Teacher: Chris Maurus

From the Desk of Chris Maurus:

There is a great imbalance in the spiritual economy of our planet that has existed for many thousands of years—something that few of us even acknowledge or are aware of, yet it affects the whole of humanity as an organism—placing a drag on our evolution and our entrance into a new era of light and higher consciousness. This imbalance I speak of is the product of our final decision as a transient citizen of the Earth and whether we choose to graduate after death and move on into the light of universe progression or find ourselves lost in the borderland of the planet—the astral plane. Wandering blindly without a spiritual map; endlessly searching to survive; having unresolved issues from the former life; fear of judgment, regret, shame and guilt; the deceased, that were unprepared for death while living, are “heavy” and unable to move into that beautiful light that leads to mortal ascension. We (humanity) are responsible for this sad and sorry state of limbo so many find themselves in after death because of the dysfunctional and loveless lives we allow our brothers and sisters to experience on this beautiful and dangerous planet. We can do something about it, even after death, and it helps all of us who are living to heal these lost ones and show them the compassionate doorway that leads them home into that beautiful light.

If you’ve ever experienced real love, compassion, or been the recipient of mercy in your life, then you know how healing these fruits of the human spirit are when we allow them to move through us. These are the missing pieces our lost brothers and sisters need to heal and release themselves from the emotional burdens of a less than wholesome life while living on this planet, whether it is of their own making; an act of violence; or something they were conditioned to believe. In the end analysis, humanity and the way we have socially developed through the centuries have adversely conditioned many of the deceased to fear death and to continue the pursuit of a life in the astral plane that has no meaning or conclusion. We, as awakened human souls—light workers, are in a position to help lift this burden from the planet and begin to help move the mass consciousness of humanity forward to a more enlightened state.

Something Has Changed!

There is a very real change happening in the energy circuits of our planet and it is much like birthing a child. Mother Urantia (Gaia) is preparing for the next step in consciousness evolution—the operating system is being upgraded! I cannot speculate on how this is happening, but it is something I have been feeling quite palpably more so this year (2016) than in any other time in my life. As someone who is clairsentient, I am sensitive to these heavy energies that exist all around us in the spiritual ether. Beginning in the last three weeks of December, 2016, there seems to be some sort of a mass exodus of these deceased humans in the borderland looking for an exit. It may be that the energies and frequencies that allow them to operate in the astral plane are changing and it’s making it uncomfortable for these old phantom energies to continue wandering the borderland?

Like a moth to the flame, these deceased humans who have failed to cross over are attracted to those of us that exude light, and currently I find my nights are nearly completely consumed with helping and healing hundreds upon hundreds of deceased humans searching for a way off the planetary grid—certainly not a job I signed up for, but as a universe citizen, my “credentials” put me in this position by default. I’ve accepted it, and as red-eyed as I am some mornings, having slept little, if at all, I accept this sentinel position as someone who is blessed to be actively participating in the transformation of our planet.

What exactly are we dealing with?

These are not the souls of men and women, but more of an emotional echo—an inertia or “energy shadow” of those individuals that have physically died and left a “ghost” of their awareness here on the earth plane which energetically embodies the history and unresolved emotional attachments of the person before death which prevents them from accepting their transition to afterlife. There is a connection and a relationship between these shadow entities and the sleeping soul which waits in a comatose-like suspension in the afterlife. Until this unresolved energy is healed and “crossed over” into the light of mortal ascension, the soul of that person cannot continue on its journey. This unfortunately places a drag on planetary ascension and delays Earth’s membership into Light and Life status (a Golden Age).

In this time of correction, the spirit of the planet, Gaia, is in labor to free herself from these heavy phantom energies and position herself energetically as the facilitator of higher consciousness. Gaia is directing these old and unresolved energies en mass to those of us living humans who are sensitive and is asking for our help to “move them along.” As a “Prime Directive,” our spiritual administrators cannot, by fiat, cross over these unresolved energies because of free will, and so we (the living), having free will and residing on the earth plane, must use our will, love, and compassion to heal and allow them to make a decision on their own to release the fear and attachments of their former life and move on.

These are the rules of the current dispensation and so it must be followed without exception, for we cannot see the forest through the trees from our viewpoint. We trust that the Universal Father knows what is best. One clear benefit I have experienced through all this is that I have developed a greater degree of compassion having consoled and healed so many of these lost and fearful shells of humanity—something I once feared and abhorred, but now feel blessed to have the ability and the opportunity to be of service to humanity and Spirit in this Correcting Time.

I keep asking myself, “Why me?” Why have I become a magnet for the deceased? I never asked for this nor had I any desire to do this work. While writing this paper, a thought suddenly entered my mind: In May of 2012, I had an Akashic record reading by Helen Engel. She thought there was something peculiar about me and wanted my permission to do the reading. One of the passages in the record was puzzling to me and I could never understand it, but now is beginning to make sense. The partial record reads:

"On this one have been placed the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven… Those who approach this being know instinctively that this is so. …And this shall endure until the Annals of Time are readjusted."

It would seem that this endless train of deceased humans come to me knowingly as someone that can heal them and move them along into the light—that I indeed hold the keys to the “Kingdom of Heaven” in a sense, for them, by acting as a doorway that leads to a way home. I can only speculate about the “Annals of Time” being readjusted, but it could indicate that we are approaching the hoped for “tipping point” where human consciousness finally leaps over the slow and uphill climb it has been on for over 200,000 years of rebellion to ensure the coming new era of Light and Life.

I’m not the only one with the “Keys to the Kingdom,” for there are many of us who have developed a relationship with our Thought Adjusters (our Higher Selves) and can actively work in greater attunement to serve in this time of correction. Many of you are and have been doing this work for years, quietly behind the scenes—long before my recent induction and who are now seeing a notable “up-tick” in activity. To you faithful light workers, I commend you—please continue!

[Whisper] “I See Dead People”

For those of you who are “sensitive” and may be experiencing deceased human activity in and around you, I have some instructions later in the article that may help you do this work and give you some sense of peace about it. Not knowing how to cross over these deceased humans can be a problem if you are clairsentient or clairvoyant and where many are coming to you for assistance or merely wanting to attach to your auric field for energy intake. If this happens, you are likely feeling the sluggish burden of carrying these weighty and uninvited guests around with you which may affect your energy, moods, and emotions. It happens to me quite often. I can actually feel them attach to me. I see them as faint blotchy colors on my “screen” (what I see with my eyes closed) or as tiny dim points of light. I feel their low vibration buzzing around my head looking for an entrance. They usually break into my auric field at the crown chakra; slide down inside of my chest cavity, and then move around in all parts of my body. They sometimes cause pain or can be nauseating. They are most active at night and often cause my body to heat up and sweat horribly—they rob me of needed sleep and drain me of energy. Mood swings, anger and deep depression sometimes follows after an entity attachment. I have several times broken down in tears for no apparent reason—this is usually a sign that something is influencing my behavior.

It is a very violating experience for those who are sensitive to these energies—not unlike being raped repeatedly. I often re-live the entity’s death sequence in a clear vision or a dream when they first come to me and sometimes it is downright awful to witness. As an example: A young woman about 30 years old came to me in a vision after attaching to me late one night and was standing in front of me nude from the waist up and she was holding her entrails in her bloody hands looking at me with the expression of shock. She apparently had some fatal abdominal injury that killed her. I had to shake myself out of the vision—very disturbing! Others I would see them collapse to the floor or die on the operating table and watch the doctor call the time of death and turn off the machines. Sometimes I would be lucid and float around the place they died—an old warehouse or alley.

They respond to my thoughts if I am addressing them directly by sending waves of vibrations through my body. I typically do not hear them speak, only feel their emotional response. It is both a curse and a blessing to be clairsentient—being sensitive enough to actually feel them there; yet grateful to know and be prepared to have them removed! Before I learned how to remove them for myself, I had to rely on other light workers who were skilled at entity removal to pull them off me only for it to happen again and again. It is always better to learn how to fish than to beg for a fish. I have now become a decent fisherman in short order out of necessity!

The “Bullet Proof” Myth

It is likely that about 1 out of 10 people are walking around with one or more of these unresolved shadow entities attached to their auric field—that is a huge number and a major problem for the planet! Light workers are especially vulnerable because of the brightness of their fields—they are often seen as a high energy source which the entities need for survival or they are attracted for the comfort of attaching to a person of high spiritual character that exudes light, kindness, and compassion—something they may have never experienced before while in life. Alcoholics and drug users are also likely candidates for entity attachment having a weak auric field and a vice in common with the deceased who continues to desire the numbing effect of the vice even in death. There’s a reason Alcohol is also called “Spirits!”

There’s a myth that healthy, spiritually-minded people are “protected” or immune to entity attachment. I was one of them and never thought it would happen to me. I thought that God, Jesus, and the Angels were all looking out for me and because I thought I was following a good and noble path in life that I would have protection from the “evil spirits.” The sobering truth of the matter is that we are all here on this planet to experience life “in-the-mix” with other beings having their own free-will experiences. If my neighbor wants to cause me harm, there is little I can do if he is intent on harming me. I will have to deal with the fallout. Now, think about that neighbor as being invisible and wanting to harm you—you just don’t see it coming. How do you defend against it preemptively? In most cases, the deceased are not intent on harming you. They only want to survive and use your energy. They may cause you emotional or physical pain by occupying your auric field; make you feel lethargic; tired, depressed, or other discomfort, but it is not a willful act on their part to harm you. However, they do willfully attach themselves to you as a deliberate act of free will.

Free will is a sovereign directive in the universe and Spirit is not likely to intervene by “zapping” the entity into oblivion. Bad things happen to good people every day and it cannot always be explained away as the battle between good and evil or karma. It just isn’t that simple or black and white. Since these shadow entities are the product of human will and intention, they come under the same dispensational laws that govern the sovereignty of free-will, and if the conditions are right and you are vulnerable to them, there is no deity name you can call on to protect you from them. You will need help from someone who knows how to deal with them or you will have to learn how to deal with them on your own. If you are unaware they are there, then you may think you have some medical condition and may seek a pharmaceutical to ease the symptoms. Many do, and this does not solve the root problem.

Many times while being violated (sometimes several at once) I have cried out with the most sincere prayers to every deity and angel I could name to have them taken away, or I would command them to leave in the name of , but the outcome is the same. I have to deal with it. I have to make the decision to find a way to have it removed and live through the experience. In contrast to my previous statements, those light workers who know how to remove these entities do, in fact, work with light beings (spirit) to move the offending energies to an equitable place—they assist in the work. Spirit is passive and unless you know how to ask for help, you will probably feel you are on your own. The better thing to pray for is to ask that you be led to the solution or to provide the opportunity to learn what you need to know from others. Spirit is always willing to assist in the process, but they will never make decisions or do the work for you. Knowledge is power; faith is the fuel; and spirit is the lever!

It may be that you and your family and friends have never had to deal with ghosts or poltergeist, and I am happy if that is the case, but some of us who are sensitive (clairsentient and clairvoyant) are probably more likely to experience a close encounter with them, and I want you to be aware of what is out there and how they may affect you. I’m only speaking about the deceased human problem we have in the borderland—there are other more dangerous, dark and freighting entities that I have also dealt with, but that subject is outside the scope of this paper—just know that we live in spiritual ether and that it is full of unknown things and entities of many varieties. Mantras and smudging with sage is not always going to work for you. Nobody is bullet proof. I don’t know why some light workers are more susceptible to entity attachment than others (myself included), but it simply is so. I know very accomplished psychics that deal with removing these attachments and have never personally been bothered by them. It is a mystery that I hope to one day know the answer to—until then, I will have to live with the cards I am dealt. Perhaps these experiences and training will prove to be quite valuable in the epics to come in the future?

What if I am not “sensitive” and want to help?

I recently had a dear friend write to me and tell me that he had read my latest message from the Scribe, “The Tower of Light” and wanted to lend his energies to the effort of moving these “lost ones” into the light, but did not know how to do this. Below is a paraphrase of his message to me and a powerful testament to the power and potential we humans have when we put our sincere intentions to work and ask Spirit for help:

This morning at about 5:30 AM I was meditating and praying for these lost ones. When I audibly said, “Father, I pray for the deceased humans in the Borderland,” an enormous surge of energy flowed throughout my body from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I have not felt such energy since the night I gave my heart to Jesus and asked him to come into my life. It was very powerful, my friend.

Now in your post, you described having dozens of these deceased humans asking for help. I had no such ‘head count’ or other indicator that there were even any that were asking for my help. It was more like this prayer released some sort of spiritual energy which helped those in the Borderland. I recalled you also saying that these lost ones are fearful of judgment due to religious dogma so spoke to those concerns, telling them that God is a loving Father, to not be fearful of him. I reminded them of parts of the 23rd Psalm and I felt another wave of energy, not quite as powerful as the first, flow through me. It was very startling to me as I am not accustomed to that sort of physical reaction to my prayers. But I will continue to help in the transition of these people…

Something very real and powerful happens when we pray with purpose and sincere intention. I believe that when we address these lost ones in the borderland with our prayers, they do hear it in some way and it helps them—makes them less fearful, and shall at some point, make it easier for them to cross over without too much convincing. Please, if you can do nothing else, pray for these lost ones—it helps not only them, but it allows you to do the Will of the Father, which is why my friend here spoke so eloquently about the powerful feeling that came over him. He was in alignment with his Thought Adjuster (Higher-self) and got direct feedback. Truly, a moment of growth for him—Kudos!

Praying in groups is even more powerful! Perhaps someone who may be reading this paper will organize a synchronized prayer over the Internet or with groups of friends?

Instructions for Crossing Over the Deceased

I will now explain the method I use to cross over deceased humans. Some of this technique I credit to Phil Ernst (http://SpiritualCleaner.com), who taught me the missing pieces I needed to move them into the light. Anyone can use this technique and all you really need is a pendulum and a compassionate heart. The use of a pendulum is for getting information about the deceased human and whether you were successful in crossing them over. I will forego the instructions on the use of the pendulum because there are many instructional videos available on YouTube and other sites on the Internet that do a good job at teaching this.

Once I feel the deceased human near me or inside my auric field, I will ask my pendulum to confirm the presence of the deceased. I will always direct my questions to my Indwelling Spirit, my Guardian Angel, or my personal guides. Never ask the pendulum a question without first directing it to your personal spirit team. If you ask without specifying who it is you want the answer from, then you may get faulty information not knowing who or where it is coming from. With that said, below is a typical session:

“Beloved One, is there a deceased human in my auric field or near me in the room?” The pendulum answers “yes.”

“Beloved One, is there more than one?” The pendulum answers “no.”

“Beloved One, is the deceased a man?” The pendulum answers “no.” <It’s female>

At this point you can go on to ask more questions about the deceased and the condition of their emotional state or any number of things that might help you unlock their unresolved issues, but I usually don’t have time for that since I process so many of them. They all suffer from the lack of love and compassion and are fearful of judgment and full of regret from living an unfulfilled life or a life that was tragically cut short. Keep this in mind and be as compassionate and non-judgmental as you can be. Think with a Christ-like mind as if these were your own children.

“Is there someone here?” “Please make yourself known to me.” I typically get a vibrational response indicating a reply. Being clairsentient, I don’t normally hear a verbal reply, but I feel their emotion and I can intuit the meaning.

“I would like to tell you about the Light.” “Do you see the light up above?” “Look up and you will see a bright light.” I usually get a response here as an affirmative.

“In the light is a beautiful place of peace and unconditional love.” “This is your home.” “You’ve been away far too long, and now it is time to go home.” “There is no judgment there—there is no hell—only peace, joy, mercy, and unconditional love.”

“Your family and friends are there waiting for you—to greet you in a joyful reunion”

“If you look up at the light and listen very carefully, you will hear your friends calling to you.” “What are they saying?” Here I usually get an emotional response and this is very significant for them. They are hearing the voices of loved ones and friends that went on before them and they have gathered together on the other side to help them cross over. They are telling them that it is safe to come up into the light and they are reassuring them. This is half the battle.

“Dear friend, I love you and I forgive you—all is forgiven—be at peace now and release all your fears and pain.” This is where I typically get a huge wave of emotional release. This is most important for them to know—that they are loved and that they are forgiven of all their trespasses in life. Hearing this from you is like they are hearing God say it.” It seems to greatly lift their burdens and at this point you go for the closing.

“Are you ready to go home now—into the light?” If I get a response here I prepare them to go. If not, I will ask another question of them: “In the light there is a new body waiting for you—a young and beautiful body that will never grow old; never get sick, or die.” “Would you like to have a new body?” “Your new body is there now waiting for you in the light.” I typically will get a response here and now I go to close.


“Let’s prepare to leave.” I now begin to hold my hands horizontally apposing each other in front of my heart chakra, and I begin rolling an imaginary ball of dough between my hands. This hand rolling is done to bring the deceased’s energy into my hands. As I do this I continue to say comforting words and ask them to let all their fears go and let peace fill them. I then feel them move up higher in my body and up to the crown chakra. Once at the crown chakra, I will begin to feel a magnetic-like feeling between my hands. This is when I know that their energy is now in my hands. As you are doing this, a portal will open in the ceiling that leads to the light. Your guides are assisting here with the metaphysics. You don’t need to concern yourself with this part; your guides are always working with you and know what to do when you are performing this service.

“When I count to three, we will go into the light, OK?” I continue to roll their energy in my hands and count slowly—one—two—three!” I throw the ball of energy up into the air and into the open portal which leads to the light. At this point, they should be on their way. I bid them farewell. I then check the pendulum and ask if the deceased has gone into the light.

Sometimes they will get fearful at the last second and retreat back into your auric field. If this happens, you will have to do the exercise again. This time you will ask your guides to assist you by cocooning their energy (as you roll your hands together) in golden light and sometimes it is helpful to blow gently on your hands as if you are pouring your heart energy on them to make them more comfortable. The more you can say loving things and assurances—that it is safe, the better and easier it will be to get them to go.

After this exercise, you will need the pendulum again and ask if the deceased has gone into the light. If the pendulum says “yes,” then you are done. Congratulations! If it says “no,” then you will need to repeat part of the exercise and give them more compassion and reassurance asking your guides to participate more in their comfort.

Sending small groups of deceased into the light

If there is more than one present, you can use the same technique only ask them to all go together as a group. Sometimes if you cross one of them over successfully, the others will see how the process works and will be more confident to go next. You can then say, “You see how this works—you can all go together as a group.” Then continue rolling their energy in your hands and go to close. You can also process them one at a time and ask each one, “Who will go next?” Then go to close with each one.

Sending large groups of deceased into the light

This is something that is new for me and only happened the night before I wrote this paper and it is a significant change in what is now taking place in the borderland as Gaia is preparing to clear the old energies away to make room for more compassion and light in human consciousness.

After a long night of sending small groups (20 to 50 at a time) I was awakened at 5:00AM and a portal opened up before me and I saw what looked like thousands of deceased who had come to me for assistance. They looked like tiny dim lights, and in this multitude, they appeared like a cluster of stars—too many to count. I was not sure what to do with them. I felt like Jesus and the lepers. I knew my usual method of crossing over individuals or small groups was not going to work and so I had to think of something fast.

I was on stage before an immense crowd of wounded human shells all waiting for me to help them. What do I do? I just began to speak to them with authority, but with a gentle patient voice. I addressed them as, “My little children,” and I immediately began to compassionately reassure them saying, “My little children, I love you and I forgive you.” I could then feel their weeping and wailing in a gigantic wave of emotional release—like a huge crescendo. I continued, “I hold the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and you are all welcome to come in.” I then continued to talk to them like little children and gave them all the reassurances that there is no judgment, only unconditional love...and so on and so forth.

Now, I certainly could not go to close by rolling my hands together—there were too many of them! I got an idea in that moment and commanded them: “Go into the open elevators!” I pictured a mile long row of elevators with open doors. “Once inside, you will see a button that says ‘Home,’ press it and it will take you up into the light.” This seemed to be working and many of them left on the elevators. I then repeated this two more times and nearly all of them had gone! I then passed out from exhaustion, and when I woke up a few hours later, I only had a handful of stragglers that needed more assurance to cross over and I used the rolling ball method to send them home. It was a very intense experience for me to feel all that emotional weeping and release of pain from so many. I was truly humbled and thanked God and all my guides for the experience.

Note: The most significant thing in this exercise was that the elevators had a button to press that said “home.” This allowed them to make the decision of their own free will, which is required to enter into the light. I’m quite sure my guides had something to do with that idea coming into my mind at just the right time.

In the words of Jesus: “You shall do even greater works than I.”


Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/a-way-home-clearing-the-borderland-of-old-energies