A more Refined Level of Attunement

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear Students on the path,

Today we are going to explore how to refine your attunement with the Indwelling Spirit and make adjustments to optimize the way you interface with this Divine Fragment of the Father. This optimization is nothing more than you allowing for a more integrated partnership in your thought life which has less of the emotional blockages that restrict the flow of cooperation between your Thought Adjuster (TA) and your free will. Let us focus then on this idea we call “free will,” for in it contains the key to manifesting the Will of the Creator.

“Free will” in this lesson shall focus on your ability to free yourself from worldly and conditional self imposed controls that block you from achieving this more refined level of attunement. We have provided many messages in the past which talked about forgiveness and how holding the energy of unforgiving is like a spirit poison that prevents you from experiencing the peace that surpasses all understanding. Most of you have gone beyond this and now live with this sense of peace and forgiveness of others which has brought you to the place you are now.

Many of you—even those who are approaching higher levels of attunement beyond the Third Psychic Circle of human potentiality, still hold onto subtle forms of fear—guilt, shame, self-loathing and un-forgiveness buried deep within the mind—left there from childhood, or some deep wound from an earlier time in your life experiences. Deeper still are the Soul Fragments of other ascenders placed in your trust by the System Sovereign and in agreement with your TA for the higher purposes of universe progression. With these trusts you are thereby given the opportunity to work out those unresolved issues created at the planetary level that were left unanswered by the former.

To enter into a refined attunement, I admonish each of you to become comfortable in conversations with your TA and ask for assistance in releasing these deep mind subtle forms of fear. Search your mind, memories, and your experiences, and acknowledge that you are an ascending creature designed to learn and overcome through experience—to become more god-like as each day passes. As you recognize each of these subtle influences where guilt, shame, abandonment, or un-forgiveness (fear) lay buried, see them not as personality flaws, but as helpful teachers that you have now graduated from and no longer need their lessons. See it; acknowledge it, love it and release it. Your TA holds no fault against you—all of you is loved and you are viewed as a beloved Finaliter in the making.

Some of you will need time with this, but others are now ready to move into this refined attunement. This level of self examination and cooperation with the TA is approaching Light and Life status as would be experienced by creatures living on an advanced world. There truly is nothing that prevents you from achieving this if you are so inclined and devoted to experience it in your present day journey.

The Creator and your TA operate on pure love (divine love)—something none of you at this level of experience (ascension) can appreciate or negotiate, yet it is always there waiting for you to tap into with less resistance. The more layers of confusion that can be peeled away, the more you get to feel the wholeness of this divine love.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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