A Message of Mercy for the Dark Worker

Teacher: Unrevealed Celestial Operator

There are many forces at work in and around the earth plane and the dimensions surrounding it. Both humans and celestials are acting upon universe energies in a proverbial “tug-of-war” to influence the minds of those on the earth who can make a difference in the path of Correction. You and others who are doing the work of Correction are but a link in the chain that is feeling the “tug” from both sides. As you have experienced, there are those who are pulling from a place of darkness working against Christ Michael’s Plan for the redemption of the Earth and the path to Light and Life. On the “good side” of the rope, there are myriad forces of celestial operators working on many dimensional planes to assist those “agents in the field” to accomplish the Will of our Heavenly Father.

Darkness knows that its time of dominance and control over the lives of so many on the earth is coming to an end. Human consciousness is waking up to the illusions, manipulations, and propaganda that keeps them divided and in the chains of their own making. It is a futile attempt now to hold onto power using the same methods that have worked for so many centuries—human consciousness is changing and is no longer satisfied with the mere illusions of freedom. For those humans who practice the dark arts, they have but a short time to do their dark deeds and soon they too shall succumb to the grave and to the point of transition where they shall have to decide, by the mercy of Christ, if and how they shall participate in the reparations of their actions while on the earth. Their leaders are no more and there is no rebel glory to claim victory—only the lucid reality of their own judgment knowing they have wasted their time on the earth working toward some dark end that has no place in the Great Plan.

It is not too late for these dark workers, for they can, even now while they still live and breathe, turn from their destructive ways; renounce the allegiance to their former leaders—who are no more, and accept the mercy of Christ Michael. It is entirely within themselves to change their destiny from one of great darkness and oblivion to that of a glorious future where they may participate in the Great Plan of eternal life and enjoy the benefits of Sonship with all the astonishing experiences of exploring the Master Universe—becoming like the Creator Himself! Why would any soul choose oblivion over that?

Come back, you prodigal sons and daughters, to your Father’s house and receive his mercy and partake of his bounty—His arms are open wide with love and desire—willing to accept you unconditionally. The Unholy Trinity can promise you nothing for your wickedness but oblivion—the same fate they have chosen for themselves. You have been lied too—your leaders are defunct and you are only left with a decision while you still breathe—Life or oblivion? To harm or to heal? Which will you choose?

Choose wisely, for now you have been given the truth, and you are wholly responsible for all future actions—you may no longer claim ignorance at the mercy seat.

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